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Prompt, professional resolution of workplace issues and complaints.

Workplace complaints and incidents can be some of the most challenging situations that leaders face.  In today’s climate, they require prompt, professional and effective action.  The legal, financial and reputational risks of not responding appropriately are unacceptably high.

Faced with such challenges, organizational leaders have had two options open to them: engaging costly external legal counsel to investigate, or diverting internal HR resources away from other priorities to investigate, assuming HR is sufficiently trained and experienced.  

We provide a third option:  executive-level HR resources with deep experience and certification in workplace investigations and the advancement of respectful workplaces.  We provide the experience and credibility that builds trust and confidence in our work and its results. 

Our Unique Approach…

We bring a unique blend of capabilities and services, enabling us to provide what we call “full cycle support” to help our clients to foster a workplace that is more respectful, more engaging and more productive.  

Many other investigators will conduct an investigation, and turn over a set of conclusions and recommendations for others to implement.  Our approach is broader, and includes all of the steps that other investigators do, but also includes support and assistance in the actual implementation of any actions that may be required.      

A full cycle solution ensures that root-cause issues are identified and addressed to avoid further incidents.   We can provide support at whatever level of detail the organization requires, including partnering with HR and legal counsel as required. 

Culture/HR reviews are a good step for every organization to consider as a preventative measure.   They show staff, the Board and the public that management cares.  

Workplace investigations: Service
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